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An atmospheric interior image of Lincoln Cathedral.


Untold stories of Lincolnshire

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Hidden History

History is eternal. The actions and interactions, cause and effects, creation and destruction all happened and cannot be undone. The volume of facts we know varies. Detail is forgotten, recovered, and uncovered. The narrative we apply to history is not fixed.

It is said that the victors write history, the version that best suits them. But, observers, historians, and storytellers also write history and may have different perspectives. Narratives change with time—new storytellers with a new story. The wronged seek to amend injustice; the historian finds facts, the archaeologist digs remains, and the curious. That is me. Incurably curious.

I have a passion for my home county of Lincolnshire and uncovering the unusual. I’m interested in places and time, the seen and unseen, and the actors’ actions. I seek the forgotten connections that form the stories of untold Lincolnshire.

I am not restrained by academic scrutiny and have no fixed paradigm. I find what I find and am not blinkered by preconceptions. This website is here to present the stories that I read from the fragmented records. The stories may not fit the current narrative. What you choose to make of it is for you to decide. 

Lincoln cathedral illuminated at night with snow on the ground.

This site

Much of the content of this site is inextricably interconnected. Discovery leads to discovery, like stepping stones across a lake of time. Actors and their ancestors appear in multiple guises, influencing narrative and strutting across the stages they build. Unlike a book, the chapters, characters, and stories criss and cross, obfuscating connections. Stories will vary in length, from snippet to essay to image. Like a Wiki, content in stories will reference other stories through the magic of hyperlinking. Follow your intrigue. Discover. Stories will evolve. Return and rediscover.


If you have untold stories of Lincolnshire to tell, do share them. Although this site is not open for anyone to publish, curated and accredited content will be added.

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