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Lincoln Cathedral viewed from Lincoln Castle. Photo by Dr Moschi CC BY-SA 4.0
Artist impression of the round church at Temple Bruer.

Secret Lincolnshire

A personal collection

Land, Sea, and Big Skies

Lincolnshire is a surprising county—the second largest by area, sparsely populated, beautiful and varied landscapes, and virtually unknown.


Yet the county has held great importance throughout history. It was strategically important to the Romans, head of the largest diocese in Europe, the birthplace of a King, and hugely influential in two world wars. Its distance from London and relative inaccessibility has seen the county drop from general awareness and its importance forgotten.


Much of the history of Lincolnshire has been lost and hidden. It has been a personal passion for over twenty years to uncover, rediscover and tell the stories of Lincolnshire’s past. To challenge the accepted narratives and craft new ones. Hopefully this will prompt discussion, further exploration, and encourage others to record more stories.

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